Swedish MassageSwedish Massage Therapy in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Swedish massage is one of the most famous forms of massage therapy and is a wonderful way to start if you are new to professional massage therapy. It is a favorite of many people around the world and is the foundation for other popular modern massage techniques.

What is A Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage modality is the massage therapy technique that comes to mind when you first think of massage. One of the primary goals of a Swedish massage treatment is to relax the entire body by removing tension from superficial muscles. The use of long, gliding strokes on your muscles, as well as firm kneading, circular pressure of Debbe’s palms, tapping, stretching and bending all help to ease tension, enhance flexibility, and remove toxins from the blood. Thus, leading to enhanced circulation and increasing oxygenation of the blood, overall flexibility and a wide range of health benefits.

Before Your Swedish Massage

Understanding what will happen before, during and after your massage can help to make it a beneficial and relaxing experience. Before the massage, you will be asked about your health history, allergies, treatment goals and any concerns. Your answers will help  Debbe tailor the session to your needs, making it as beneficial as possible. Your relaxation and comfort are critical; be sure to tell Debbe if the pressure being exerted is too hard or not hard enough and if the massage table or room to too hot or cold.

During Your Swedish Massage

You will relax on a heated adjustable table and set your cares adrift as Debbe works her magic. In all Swedish massage techniques, the therapist should lubricate the skin with massage lotion or oil  and perform the various massage strokes described above. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues, called adhesion's. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, and provides many other health benefits.

After Your Swedish Massage Therapy Treatment

After your session is over, it’s best to try and remain relaxed for the rest of the day. Drink water to stay hydrated and gently stretch. Taking a stroll is another good way to keep your circulation going and to flush out toxins. Avoid strenuous activities and do your best to get a full night’s sleep to let the healing continue. Whether you are recovering from a specific injury, suffering from chronic muscle pain, looking for a holistic approach to lowering your blood pressure, or interested in an overall relaxing experience; Massage By Debbe, in Port Saint Lucie maybe just the intervention you need.